‘Half-Lap Rule’ announced for Make It or Break It challenge

Senior Competitor Ups the Competition!

Each year the annual Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Crunch attracts more and more competitors. The event will celebrate its tenth birthday this Sept. 7 and some of the competitors have supported the event for many years. With the introduction of professional timekeeping and medal awards for the top 3 placements in 4 age groups for the Stair Master and Make It or Break It categories since 2016, competitiveness has become sharper.

In 2018, at the start of the signature category, the Make It Or Break It, where the goal is to see how many times you can make the full 2.2 km loop (up and down) the Crunch in 4-hours, event organizers announced that if a participant felt they could make it back up to the top of the Crunch for a final half-lap before the 4-hours were up, that the top timing mat would clock them for a .5 or half-lap. If they tried, but could not make it up before the 4-hour mark, they would be out-of-luck clocking no extra distance.  No one had ever done so before (although the idea had been posed by one competitor in the previous year), so it was not expected.

Don Prince, a repeat competitor in the 66+ age group of this category completed 5 laps in a time of 3:17:47 and decided he could make it back to the top of the trail to clock the distance, and away he went.

After the horn blew for the 4-hour finish, results came in and according to the time, another competitor, Mark Hyder had the fastest result completing 5 laps for that age group clocking in at 3:04:06  on the timing mat at the start/finish line at the base of the Crunch.  Meanwhile, the timekeepers and event organizers did not realize that Don Prince had made his way back up to fit in a half-lap.  Mark Hyder could have done the same, and with 55 mins left on the clock, he could likely have easily done so.

Don Prince was awarded a silver medal during the medal presentation that followed, which was based on his time being clocked at the bottom. Organizers and timekeepers had not checked for the half-lap.

Mr. Prince later challenged the event team that he was the true winner. His resulting time was 3:49:34 for the 5.5 laps.

Results were adjusted accordingly and Don set a precedent by example for future Make It Or Break It events.  Event organizers wish participants to be aware of this half-lap rule, as it could earn them a higher result.

“We love how this event has progressed with a competitive spirit,” said founder Alex Bell. “We also want to remind the public that this event supports diversity in all its facets, that it’s for every age and fitness level and its aim is to bring the community together. While the event was based on the Make It Or Break It challenge, most people would come out for the Recreational category. We want to support our athletes, but also keep our families and community involved.”

Don Prince with event founder Alex Bell in 2016. This year marks Don’s 4th time competing in the Make It Or Break It 4-hour event. He is one of the few competitors in the 66+ age group, and to date the event has not had any females in this age group.

Youth and Seniors Wanted

“We really have something for everyone!” said event co-chair and president of Nothin’ Dragon, Brian Kenny. “We encourage youth and seniors to register as participation from these age groups has been extremely low, and so many of our medals go unused. We applaud local Cruncher, Don Prince who has competed in the event for several years in our 66+ category. We also salute the youth who have come out, and we look forward to many more for the 10th anniversary.”

“We’re looking at a special activation for children this year where they will get a passport and achieve stamps or stars along the trail and will receive a prize at the bottom for completing the Crunch.”

The Stair Master

2019 is the fourth installment of the Stair Master challenge, where participants run up the 437 west timber stairs to see who is the fastest.  The event is attracting elite tower climbers and the Stair Master titleholder is Nick Mcdonald who completed in 1 minute and 34 seconds in 2018.  This category is being evaluated for the global ranking of the TWA (Towerrunning World Association).

Medals and Age Groups

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in four age groups (male and female) for both the Stair Master and Make It Or Break It. Age groups are 15 and under; 16- 35 years; 36-64 years; and 65 or over. Online registration closes at midnight on Sept. 3 and offers savings, however, event day registration will still be available.

Go at Your Own Pace!

If you are not into racing, but still want to come out and support the cause, you can register as a family or individual for the Recreational category which provides an optional time-chip so you can clock your progress, work on a personal best, or have your own competition within your group. If you are participating in a business or community group, please wear your group shirts.

Register online before Sept. 5

Online registration is simple and helps event organizers greatly. Fees are nominal for the Stair Master and Make It Or Break It and by donation for the Recreational.

Highlight Your Business or Community Group

Sponsors are still being sought, in particular, a title-sponsor. Interested sponsors can email coquitlamcrunch@gmail.com to learn more, and community groups interested in participating with a group donation are also welcome and will also be listed as a sponsor. Supporting this years event are: New Earth Marketing, The Tri-City News, City of Coquitlam, Oddball Workshop Apparel, Sandpiper Signs & Decals, Coquitlam Chrysler, Fraser Health, FortisBC, Vancity, Trio Sports Events, BC Athletics, Eagle Ridge Chevrolet Buick GMC, Body by Brandt, Coquitlam Chrysler, lululemon, Pasta Pollo, Starbucks, and Thrifty Foods.

The event is being organized by the Nothin’ Dragon Masters dragon boat team out of Dogwood Seniors Society.




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Douglas Race Named Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge ‘Make It or Break It’ Champion

The Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge signature event, the Make It Or Break It (MIOBI) sees competitors run the full length of the Crunch trail (approximately 4.5km loop) as many times as possible in 4 hours. In 2017, 8 laps were achieved by a few of the top athletes, but this year, Douglas Race blew everyone away with the completion of 9 laps with 10 minutes to spare, putting in a remarkable time of 3:50:04 and setting a new record.

Here are some comments from social media by those who were competing with Douglas:

  • “Right when I had to slow down, he sped up,” said Ray Barrett. “Had to settle for 3rd!”
  • “Amazing runner. After 6 loops or so he decided to shift to another gear,” said Mark Pain.
  • “This guy passed me so many times on the course today I thought there were 3 of him.”

Douglas lives in Vancouver and said he trains by running Stanley Park or along the seawall during the week, and on the weekends he prefers to run on the North Shore saying that Mount Fromme and Lynn Valley are his favorite training areas.  He typically runs 60-100k per week and said he hopes to be back for the event in 2019.

“I really enjoy the  grit and grind of running uphill, which is why I wanted to run this race. I had actually never done or seen the Crunch until race day, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I watched some YouTube videos and looked at pictures to try and get an idea as to what I had gotten myself into.”

“My first lap was a feel-out lap. After that I tried to run at a comfortable pace and relaxed on the downhills. I didn’t want to rush too hard on the downhills early on because the impact from downhill running can destroy your quads and ultimately your race. I stayed a few feet behind the current leaders for the first 4 laps even though I felt good. I wanted to conserve my energy in case it became a race to the finish. However, midway through the race I passed the other two runners without really realizing it. Once I had taken the lead I did a quick assessment and thought, ‘well I feel great and I’m not pushing any harder, so I’ll just keep running at this pace and see what happens.'”

TOP 3 overall! Left to right: Alex Bell, event founder; Peter Muralt second place MIOBI; Douglas Race, Make It Or Break It 4-hour overall challenge winner;  Ray Barrett, third place MIOBI overall; and Robbin Whachell, event co-chair. (Photo: Jurgen Kaminski)

Placing second overall was Peter Muralt with 8 laps and time of 3:44:47, and last year’s MIOBI winner, Ray Barrett came third with a time of 3:49:28.

Some of our female MIOBI competitors with their medals. (Photos: Jurgen Kaminski)

In the female division the fastest overall was Amy Mazzone with 6 laps in 3:46:26, second overall was Gillian Laing with 5 laps in 3:01:03, and in third was Ramona Toth with 5 laps in a time of 3:19:51.

Maddie Falk took away the gold as the only competitor in the 15 and under. She did 5 laps in 3:34:01.

In the female 16 to 35, Leah Dixon was first with 5  laps (3:24:16); Alia Amlani was second with 4 laps (3:33:55) and a first for the event, third place was a tie with both Agnes Kocylo and Kelsey Andronik both with 4 laps (3:43:43).

Female 36 to 65  saw Amy Mazzone with 6 laps (3:46:26); Gillian Laing 5 laps (3:01:03); and Ramona Toth with 5 laps (3:19:51).

Maddie Falk was the only MIOBI competitor in the 15 and under. Congrats on your gold medal!

There were no male entries in the 15 and under, and only one entry in the men’s 16—35  group gave last year’s Stair Master winner, Steven Hughes a gold.

Congrats to our 66+ age group competitors! We had four men compete this year, and in first was Don Prince with 5.5 laps (3:17:47); second was Mark Hyder with 5 laps; and in third was Jim Paugh with 5 laps (3:38:14). *Please note there was a glitch on registrations entries – email us if you’d like to medals swapped.  coquitlamcrunch@gmail.com

Some of our male competitors for the MIOBI 4-hour challenge. (Photos: Jurgen Kaminski)

Full results can be viewed HERE.  If you have not collected your medal and would like to, email us at coquitlamcrunch@gmail.com.

For the event photo album on Facebook, click HERE. Thank you event photographer, Jurgen Kaminski!

2018 event sponsors were: Nothin’ Dragon Masters, New Earth Marketing, Sandpiper Signs & Decals, On Track Dental, Oddball Workshop Apparel, Joep Olthuis of Shutter Up & Shoot, The Tri-City News, Yellow Dog Brewing, Mariner Brewing,  City of Coquitlam, snapd Tri-Cities, Vancity, Body by Brandt, Rod Macbeth, Running Room Port Coquitlam, Trio Sports Events, Pasta Polo, Magenta Printing & Imaging, Eagle Ridge Chevrolet Buick GMC, Coquitlam Chrysler, Optimum Family Chiropractic, Shaughnessy Veterinary Clinic, lululemon, Starbucks, photographer Jurgen Kaminski, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Phoenix Squadron, and Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise.

The Coquitlam Crunch ‘Diversity’ Challenge is an annual event founded by Tri-City’s resident Alex Bell, which celebrates diversity and supports the Nothin’ Dragon Masters senior dragon boat team and their community programs, and the Coquitlam Foundation’s ‘Diversity’ Fund. The event started in 2010 and takes place at the Coquitlam Crunch hiking trail in B.C., Canada. The Challenge features a Stair Master competition; the Make It Or Break It 4-hour competition; and a Recreational category.

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