Coquitlam Diversity Fund Supports Tri-Cities Brain Injury Support Group

On June 13, a $800 grant from the Coquitlam Community Diversity Fund was presented to the Tri-Cities Brain Injury Support Group in order to help the members participate in an adapted water support activity and social outing.  The presentation took place at the Coquitlam Foundation’s annual awards night at the Evergreen Cultural Centre.

The purpose of the Coquitlam Community Diversity Fund is to help diversity groups in social or economic integration into the community.  This year’s grant will help people who have suffered traumatic brain injury and often find themselves socially isolated, to participate in a community group social/recreational activity that would not be possible without the aid of the grant. The opportunity to participate in community social activities is an extremely important part of recovery and sustainability for people with traumatic brain injury.

The adapted water sport activity will also introduce many of the group members to an opportunity to participate in a recreational activity designed for their safety, which wouldn’t be possible under normal circumstances.

When you take part in the annual Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge, you help raise monies for the Coquitlam Community Diversity Fund which in turn supports members of a diversity group that may otherwise remain isolated and unable to participate in activities others take for granted.

If you, or your business,  or community group would like to get involved as a sponsor of the event, please email us at

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The Coquitlam Crunch ‘Diversity’ Challenge is an annual event founded by Tri-City’s resident Alex Bell, which celebrates diversity and supports the Nothin’ Dragon Masters senior dragon boat team and their community programs, and the Coquitlam Foundation’s ‘Diversity’ Fund. The event started in 2010 and takes place at the Coquitlam Crunch hiking trail in B.C., Canada. The Challenge features a Stair Master competition; the Make It Or Break It 4-hour competition; and a Recreational category.

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