The Make It or Break It Category

Starts at 6:30am ends at 6:30pm
Walk up and down the Coquitlam Crunch as many times as possible in a 12 hour period and make or break the goal of 10 round trips – the record is 17 round trips.

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Anything’s Possible Trail

Starts at 10:30am at Northside Foursquare.
A paved section of the trail that is accessible for people with mobility challenges wishing to join in the challenge.

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Results Are In!

Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge 2014 Results!

Not only has the 2014 CRUNCH CHALLENGE been amazingly successful as a affordable, accessible community fundraising event, we are very pleased to announce the fund with the Coquitlam Foundation will now be set to start generating grants.

Bob Coss (Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation) has been working with Laurel to finalize the count on donations. Pledge money and donations continue to trickle in after the event. With that being said, we are over $4000 donated!

Participation this year is easily up by about 25-33% which is wonderful .

164 people were recorded on registration forms (including volunteers)

DONORS: 27 people registered as Donors only (not walking)

ANYTHING’s POSSIBLE: 23 registered specifically as/or with a person with mobility challenges

MAKE IT or BREAK IT: 15 registered as challengers

RECREATIONAL: 85 registered

YAY for the VOLUNTEERS (Event day): 52 with a special thanks to Jessica Prassad, Eagle Ridge GMC and Vancity for sending in volunteer teams. Coquitlam Centre and Blanket BC tables were in addition to these event volunteers.

RETURNEES from 2013: 55 from registrations alone, not including supporters who come out but don’t register


NEW Women’s Record Holder: Leah Pells with 12 times

REIGNING Men’s Record Holder: Matt Sessions with 17 times

Thank you again!

Alex Bell on behalf of wife Laurel, daughter Sierra and the rest of our volunteer team

Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge


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Largest Single Donation to Date Received!

In December 2013, Susan Jarema and family of New Earth Marketing and LaborGator donated the single largest donation to date, a cheque for $1,000! Needless to say we were overwelmed (oh well, I guess I needed to say it anyway). This means that we are now only about $1,000 away from our principle goal of raising $10,000 to start the annual Community Diversity Grant.

This is the year to make sure we raise the money needed to make this grant start paying out in 2015. Although we only need $1,000 more, I would like to try and set a goal of raising at least $3,000 for 2014. If you are interested in volunteering to help us make this goal, please drop us an e-mail at: .

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Jerome Bouvier and Michael Coss to open “Anythings Possible Trail”

Last year we experimented with adding an additional category, the “Anything’s Possible Trail” for people with mobility challenges. This year, starting at 10:15am we will begin the official opening with two previous winners of the Courage to Come Back Awards, Jerome Bouvier and Michael Coss. All are invited to come join the ceremony, even those starting the recreational category from the bottom of the trail at 10:00am. The “Anything’s Possible Trail” starts by the Northside Four Square Church on David at the corner of Lansdowne.
Both Jerome and Michael have stories of overcoming diversity challenges despite the limitations others may have seen for them. Both have inspirational books available for sale. Please join us.

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Calling All Women

Everytime I go up the Crunch it seems there are far more women going up than men, yet we still haven’t had a women “Make or Break” the 10 times challenge. This year is the year I want women to come out and beat the men in this category. I know they can do it. If you need incentive, download the pledge form under the donate tab and get pledges for each time you go up and down. See you on September 6th at 6:30am!

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Water and Snacks Provided

Don’t worry about bringing water or snacks, that will be provided for everyone participating (even sports drinks for those going more than one time).

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